About Us

    The Freedom House of Prayer "FHOP" exists to partner in the Great Commission by advancing 24/7 prayer and proclaiming the beauty of Jesus and the Love of God to the furthering of the kingdom of God until He comes.

Out of the place of prayer we are called to intimacy with The Father through Jesus Christ (Yeshua), to walk in the manner worthy of His calling, pleasing Him in every way.

    We will train, equip, and disciple believers. We also desire to help bring unity to Fort Myers, the surrounding cities and the state of Florida through prayer and intercession and partnerships with all nations, expressing love through worship and adoration of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Our Goal

We are looking to raise up singers, musicians, intercessors, teachers, preachers and servants for the work of ministry in the house of prayer. We are also looking for musicians and singers for Sunday service. If you are a singer, musician or just want to serve, contact us and join in for the kingdom work at hand. Being a new church there are lots of opportunities to serve.

Through the Bible, prayer, service, worship and missions, we aim to pursue God and learn of Him. We will reach our community for the gospel and help people who are struggling with anything to get free. Whether an addiction, affliction or just tough times, the bible has the answers. Not just the word, but our helping hand of love will help you through situations you might be going through.


(816) 398-5859

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