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Prayer Ministries

Freedom House of prayer welcomes you to join one of our prayer sets. Become a prayer room leader, lead a worship team or just sit back and enjoy the worship at our prayer room.

Worship Ministries

At Freedom House of Prayer, we can train you, or if you are a guitar player, keys, singer, drummer and you want to get involved you can join one of our worship teams.

Bible Studies

Learn what the bible says about how to live for Him. Learn about the end times, the bridal paradigm, the mysteries of God and much more. The Word of God has everything we need to walk out loving God with all our heart, mind and strength and loving our neighbors.

Sunday Worship Services

     Freedom House of Prayer has the tools, wisdom, and resources needed to keep them grounded. Our Sunday Worship Services was established with an aim to offer congregants the chance to learn, serve and give back to the community. We aim to bring strong family ties and healing, so we can live our lives to the full.


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