Can we experience The Garden of Eden?

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

When God walked with Adam and Eve in "The Cool of the Day", Cool of the day meant "Ruach" or wind of God. Another words, Adam and Eve were walking with the Lord in the Holy Spirit in complete joy, bliss, no fear fully alive with vibrant spirits. Then they disobeyed God and were thrown out of the garden. To block their re-entry, God placed Cherubim and a flaming sword at the east gate of Eden. Then God established a people called Israel to show the way back to the garden for all mankind. He established the tabernacle in the wilderness. There were three parts: Outer court (were sacrifices could get entry for the priests); The Holy Place (where the priests would do the service of ministry to draw closer); The Holy of Holies (where once a year on Yom Kippur), the priest could enter beyond the veil. The veil was blue, scarlet and purple (Heaven, Man (Hebrew word "Adama" or red dirt), and God and man) On the veil were cherubim depicting the garden etc.Then later in Israel The actual temple is built in the same manner, except now giant doors replaced curtains separating the outer court and Holy place. On the night of the Crucifixion, Jesus said "It is finished" and the veil was torn, the "Heckle doors" or golden doors opened by themselves and the Nicanor gate (leading to outer court) also opened by themselves. There was a great earthquake, tombs were opened, and many other signs took place. (see Talmud: Yoma 39 a & b; Middoth 2;3; Josephus also testifies about the Nicanor gate.) These were unbelieving Jews testifying many signs and wonders. Also Judas threw the 30 pieces of silver into the temple as prophesied by Zechariah. (Zechariah 11:12-13) Jesus paid the price in full the old covenant was done away with all the ordinances and the new covenant (Brit Chadeshah) was established. Jesus the God Man (fully God & fully man) completely sinless, now could walk through the gates past the torn veil and back into Eden. Then He gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit, so we can also walk back into the garden and fellowship with a loving God. This happens through prayer. Let us walk past the brazen alter- to the Holy place where we seek the face of God (table of show bread, walk in the Holy Spirit (c

andelabra) and communicate with God (Bowls of incense) and walk past the torn veil into the garden and experience the bliss of His presence!

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